Decorating Specialist: Carol Scranton

It is no secret that Izzo Embroidery & Screen Printing has a long-standing reputation of quality and genuine care. We are so lucky to have such a strong team, and it is time you meet them!

We would first like to introduce Carol Scranton! Hailing from Beaver Falls, she exudes hometown loyalty through and through! It’s something special when you are able to call a place “home” all of your life, and this is just the case for Carol. After growing up and graduating from high school, she went on to study at Geneva College. Here, she spent a couple of years studying to pursue a career in teaching. When it was decided that this path would not be her “calling,” Carol switched gears and concentrated on the banking industry.

She would then go on to work for the Housing Mortgage Corporation, carrying out a secretarial and accounting position. Once Carol married, she focused on raising her family; after this time, she was looking to further challenge herself and expanded her knowledge through Bank Management courses with the Banking Institute of America while gaining experience at Parkvale Bank; here, she worked as a teller and mentor for two decades!

The period of time after her job at Parkvale is our particular favorite; we might be biased, but it is because she joined the Izzo team!!  Each day as a Decorating Specialist, Carol takes on the responsibility of fulfilling embroidery orders, by pressing and sewing designs on various sports garments – from varsity jackets to jerseys to baseball hats. When asked about her favorite project, she recalls one made for her Alma Mater.

The most memorable project I worked on was putting together a banner for the Lion’s Club to be given as a gift to the sponsor of the Leo Club, which is the youth organization. It took a lot of planning and thought but so worth it, because the Lion’s Club was very pleased with it. It is hanging in the Beaver Falls High School gym.

Carol has brought her valuable knowledge, strong work ethic, and thirst for challenges to the table for the past 13 years, and she is undoubtedly part of the reason Izzo has maintained (and continues to expand) a loyal customer base.

While Carol has time away from creating custom pieces, she enjoys reading, the outdoors…and cross stitch – no wonder she is so awesome at her job!

And like a true Pittsburgh native, polka dancing is in her blood; dancing and attending festivals is something that she and her husband greatly enjoy doing together. Appreciating history and detail is also of their nature; riding old steam engine trains, soaking in the atmospheres of quaint towns for a day trip,  and stopping by various historical sites are other hobbies of the couple.

Join us in thanking Carol for her dedication over the years! We truly appreciate all you do for Izzo Embroidery!