Digital Printing

Step away from the traditional and try something new with our direct to garment digital printing service! Want your picture printed on clothing?  We can do that now! Looking to have your logo printed on a shirt, but you only need one?  Great news – there are no minimum quantities to order like you’ll often see with screen printing.

Digital printing is the process of using a modified inkjet printer to apply digital designs directly to fabric. Digital printers produce higher-resolution images than any existing fabric printing method. While other garment printing techniques are still around, and they serve a vital purpose for mass production, digital printing has become the preferred method for thousands of professional apparel printers all over the world.

Every order receives a professional design review from our team of graphic artists and digital printing experts. We work diligently with you to see to your finished product. We have mastered the art of transforming designs into masterpieces and are excited to work on your next apparel project!



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