Embroidery Designer/Sales: Walt Izzo

Meet the man behind Izzo Embroidery & Screen Printing – Walt Izzo himself!

In 1984, what seemed like stroke of bad luck for Walt and his father, Walter A. Izzo, turned out to be a blessing in disguise. While working at B&W for 11 years beside his father, both unfortunately lost their jobs at the mill. From there, Izzo Embroidery & Screen Printing would be born, deciding to capitalize on his mother’s sewing talent.

I just remember the times with my Dad and Mom starting up this business, running the older machines, and actually having time for hour lunch for Mom to make cheese sandwiches – we were not that busy.

Walt would then have a front row seat to learn how to run a business, and more importantly, learn how family values, a passion, and hard work can create something unstoppable. Izzo’s quickly would become a local household name.

Growing up in Eastvale (where he has been Mayor for 8 years!) and graduating from Beaver Falls High School, Walt is happily married to Peggy Izzo. The two would soon become a team, working side by side, just like his parents. As former owner and operator of Izzo Embroidery, Walt now contributes his time as the shop’s Embroidery Designer, as well as continuing to assist with Sales.

Another memory that sticks out in his mind is when the store made strides with their level of work.

…[I remember] the first time we sewed something in several colors after we got our first 2 head machine and new embroidery software. It was the wow factor.

While Izzo Embroidery continues to be “busting at the seams” with work, Walt also enjoys staying active with bowling, golf, and the gym. You could say he had his athletic ability all his life. He was the B&W Hot Shot Champ in ’75; he displayed his basketball skills at St. Mary’s, scoring more than 30 points twice during his years playing ball. Other fun facts you may not know with Walt are that he played clarinet, and in 7th and 8th grade, was chosen to play in the All Diocesan Band at the Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh. Most of all though, his favorite activity is spending time with his wife, 3 kids, and being Pappy to his 7 grandchildren.

It is safe to say that the Izzo family has recreated the ‘wow factor’ for family, teams, foundations, and individuals for years. Thank you, Walt, for everything you have done for your family, the shop, your employees, and the community!