Embroidery Specialist: Diana Kalac

Meet another valued member of the Izzo Embroidery & Screen Printing team – Diana Kalac!

Born and raised in New Galilee, Diana graduated from Beaver Falls High School. Like a lot of people in the area, she is lucky to currently reside and work in her hometown. While her commute is short, her favorite thing about living in the area is that she is able to stay close to family.

Diana joined the Izzo family 8 years ago, and her work in embroidery continues to impress customers every day. This does not come as a shock, as one of her hobbies outside of the shop is sewing! Prior to her time at Izzo’s, Diana served others in a different way; she was a dedicated caregiver out of her home for five years.


As an Embroidery Specialist mainly embroidering hats, Diana has the opportunity to see a lot of creative designs come in and out of the shop, from mere ideas to the finished product. When asked about her most memorable piece of apparel that was produced, she fondly recalls Tees for her nephew, Austin, who has Leukemia. While she did not personally work on the project, Izzo’s partner, Venezie Sporting Goods created the apparel for a benefit in honor of Austin (info about the Izzo/Venezie merger found here).

While Diana thoroughly enjoys what she does at work, some of her hobbies outside the Izzo walls include the good things in life:

I love animals. A few months ago I rescued two kittens around 2 weeks old. I bottle fed them and was their Mama. At 7 weeks old they were happy, healthy kittens; I found a good home for them.

It is only obvious that she loves spending time with her Chocolate Lab, Tucker Blu, and enjoying the outdoors at camp.

Thank you, Diana, for keeping the community looking sharp, one hat at a time!