Embroidery Specialist: Leahrae Izzo





Time to meet the woman who inspired everything that Izzo Embroidery & Screen Printing has come to be!

Leahrae Izzo is an Eastvale native, through and through. Born and raised in Eastvale, PA, she attended Eastvale school, St. Mary’s, and Beaver Falls High School.¬† They say “home is where your heart is,” and this held true for Leahrae, as she married Walter A. Izzo, settled back into Eastvale, and later raised three boys of their own.

Leahrae and her husband started Izzo’s during some trying times. Both her husband and son, ‘Walt’ Izzo,¬†were laid off from their jobs at the mill, and it was Leahrae’s sewing talents that sparked an idea for a new family business. Pretty soon, Izzo Embroidery was born in 1984, with one machine, some shocked and concerned opinions…but more importantly, with a whole lot of passion and grit.

As an Embroidery Specialist, she has seen and completed projects of all kinds – ranging from varsity jackets to uniforms to banners. Izzo’s soon became a household name in the immediate and surrounding areas; while they were busy in the shop, Leahrae and the rest of the women that made up their team would always keep everything light-hearted. She fondly recalls one memory that sticks out above the rest.

One funny we never forgot was when my husband waited on a young lady and she wanted her thong embroidered. My husband said he couldn’t do it because there wasn’t enough room to embroider what she wanted. He was the one who would have embroidered it. He was so embarrassed and of course, we all teased him and never let him forget it.

While life situations like retirement and growing families have caused a change in the team members over the years, the close-knit, family atmosphere and dedication are still as present as ever.

Leahrae has produced custom orders for countless people and schools in the valley, Ellwood, New Castle, and surrounding areas. While she is not showcasing her creativity at work, she likes to get creative around her home by gardening and decorating for the various seasons and holidays. She also adores spending time with her sons, three daughter-in-laws, six grandchildren (and their wives and husbands), and ten great-grandchildren.

The fact that Izzo’s started from a simple idea amidst a not-so ideal situation at first should be a lesson to us all to never give up on your dreams. They started out small, weren’t busy at first, but now Izzo’s is one of the most beloved names in the area, fulfilling orders that are much more than a t-shirt or hat. Each piece of apparel has a story attached to it, care put in, and pride resulting. From this, we can only hope to own our stories, care for our dreams, and take pride in what we can ultimately achieve.

Thank you, Leahrae, for everything you have started. You mean so much to this town and the rest of the Izzo family!